How To Get It Up… My favorite products to create volume

One of the biggest requests I get in the salon, “Give me voluminous hair Becky.” “You know I like lots if volume”. While I’m styling the hair I discuss the products I use, why I use them, and where. Most times clients eyes are closed relaxing and enjoying a little free time without their kids, husbands, ect. They’re aren’t paying any attention to me.

I’m going to be realistic here. I understand and can’t expect my clients to be able to round brush their hair the way I can. To be utterly honest, I can’t even round brush MY own hair the way I can round brush yours.
Having said that, there are things you can do to get a decent result as long as you are using the right product.

There’s a problem though. Clients are going to stores like Target and Walmart to get their products.
When you buy products at the store, you are self diagnosing. Your buying things that probably aren’t meant for your hair. If your buying it at the grocery store (because you THINK it’s cheeper) you are more then likely buying something expired.

Most hair products have a shelf life of 1-2 years. When the manufacturers haven’t moved the product in time, they sell it to grocery stores. And you buy it. (It’s ok, you didn’t know). You are not getting a better deal. The price is exactly the same if not a few cents more then if you’d buy it in the salon.

Or, you go to a place like Ulta, or Beauty Warehouse where some chick says, “This product is so amazing! It like, works SO good! You’re going to love it!” More times then not this person knows nothing about hair or the product they are selling you. So, your using something like Biolage (barf) and wondering why your hair feels dry and isn’t doing what you want. All because the girl at Ulta talked you into buying it.

Here is my list of things I use on the majority of my clients who want big round brushed hair.

Once the hair has been washed, I spray a root volumizer when the hair is wet. I like Keune’s Root Volumizer.

Depending on the texture of the hair, I will use either Keune’s Smoothing Creamimage
Or I will use something with a light hold to give the hair memory with out making it sticky. For something like that, I’d use TIGI’s Your Highness Thickening Gel Cream. image
I’d also spray the roots with a Dry Shampoo. Keune is coming out with one this summer and I couldn’t be more pumped. image
Then I’d round brush the hair dry. Once the hair is cooled, it is ready to be broken up. For that I like to use a light styling oil. I like MoroccanOil’s light oil. image
Spray with hairspray. I like MoroccanOil’s Luminous Hairspray image

Something to think about: If you want your hair to go a certain way, you need to blow it dry that way. If you want your hair to have lots of volume, you need to dry it at the root at a 90 degree angle from the head. Doing that will build a base for your hair allowing your style have longevity and it’s most possible amount of volume.

Guys, listen to your stylist. They know your hair. They’ve seen it do great things, and they’ve seen it do some funky things. You trust them, and they only want you to have great results after you leave the salon, after all, you are our walking advertisement.